Ground Source or Geothermal Exchange are common names given to the worlds best heating and cooling system. With operating efficiencies exceeding 400%, GHP systems are the most comfortable and safest form of heating and cooling. Because the heating energy is delivered from the earth’s warm temperature, there are no combustion gases to endanger your home or the outdoor environment. For detailed information about Geothermal Exchange Systems, check out the GEO Exchange Information Center.

Our cooperative has been supporting the installation of GHP systems for more than 20 years and we now have over 500 homes and businesses in our service area enjoying the comfort and economy at its best. To help our members afford this remarkable heating and cooling technology, the following cooperative programs are available:

  • Residential Installations – $200.00 per ton rebates with a $1000.00 maximum are available.
  • Commercial Buildings – $150.00 per ton rebates with a $5000.00 maximum are available.

(Note: A State Tax Credit of $1500.00 is available.)

GHP Rebate Form