Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative has implemented the Operation Round Up program.  Members will see this on their bill.

All YVEC members are automatically enrolled in the Round Up program.  Any member who does not wish to participate in the program can have their account removed at any time.  Simply call the office at 348-3411, send an email to or ask to opt out when you sign up for service.  You will be removed from the program, no questions asked.

Operation Round Up is a charitable giving program that will benefit local non-profit groups and organizations in the communities we serve.  YVEC’s member’s bills will be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount.  Example: If your monthly electric bill is $83.68, it will be rounded up to $84.00, with the extra .32 cents going to the Round Up fund.

All the money collected will be used to benefit our local communities.  Non-profit groups and organizations can apply for these funds, the applications will be reviewed by a committee, who will disperse the funds to help these organizations.  The committee is made up of a majority of members at large, a single trustee of YVEC and a YVEC staff member.