One method of payment does not fit every member’s needs.  YVEC offers several payment options for your convenience. Additionally, a 24-hour payment drop box is located in the drive through at our office building in Huntley.

  1. Standard Monthly Billing

    You will receive a monthly invoice for your electrical usage.  The cooperative’s system is divided into two billing cycles.  The east end (east of Huntley) of the system’s cycle is around the 15th of the month to the 15th of the following month and bills are typically mailed on around the first day of the month.  The west end’s cycle is around the 1st  of the month to the 1st of the next month and the bills for these accounts are typically mailed on or around the 15th of the month.  Bills are due and payable upon receipt.

  2. Online Bill Pay

    Click the online bill pay button on the top of the page to pay your bill online. Apps for the MY ACCOUNT online bill pay option are available for mobile devices at your app store, simply search for the SmartHub App by National Information Solutions Cooperative.

  3. Budget or Equal Billing

    Payments are set at your monthly average, making it easy to budget.  An accurate 12-month history of your usage at your current residence is helpful in determining what your true monthly average will be.  You will receive a monthly invoice indicating the monthly payment amount.  Please call 348-3411 to sign up for this program.

  4. Direct Pay

    YVEC offers members two direct payment options. With either option, you will continue to receive a monthly statement to track your billing.  Please call the office to request a sign up form, or click on  the link below:

    1. Direct Pay from your bank account:  Monthly energy bills are paid with funds transferred to YVEC directly from your bank account.
    2. Direct Payment from your credit or debit card: (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) Your monthly energy bill can be paid automatically from your credit or debit card account each month. Direct Pay Authorization Form
  5. Credit and Debit Cards

    Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) can also be used to pay your monthly bill by calling or visiting the office, or by using the online bill pay option on the website.

  6. MoneyGramMonthly bills can be paid in person using cash at over 30,000 U.S. locations inside retailers like CVS and WalMart.To pay a YVEC bill at one of these locations bring the following:
    – A valid ID
    – Cash – enough to for your payment and the MoneyGram fee
    – Your YVEC account number
    – The YVEC receive code:  16351
If you or someone you know finds themselves in a situation where they can’t pay their home energy costs, and they are about to have their heat source terminated, please send in the energy share application located below to HRDC7.

Energy Share Application