Add-on Heat Pump Rebate

No matter what the seasons, you can save hundreds of dollars annually on the cost of heating and cooling your home. By adding a heat pump instead of an air conditioner to your home’s present heating system, you can lower your costs, increase the efficiency of your furnace, and make your home more comfortable.

As fossil fuel prices rise during the winter, the Add-On Heat Pump keeps your costs as low as possible by helping your heating system operate more efficiently…even in the coldest Montana winter. When summer comes along, you will enjoy the comfort of air conditioning as the heat pump simply reverses its cycle and moves the hot, stale air outdoors.

Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC) will help you with the installation of an Add-On Heat Pump by offering a rebate of $200 per ton, up to a maximum of $800.

(Note: YVEC rebates on all products will not be issued after 90 days of purchase.)

Add-on Heat Pump Rebate Form

Download the Add-On Heat Pump Rebate Form (PDF).

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