MECA Scholarship

Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association (MECA) offers a $500 scholarship to any college-bound undergraduate students. The applicant’s parents must be receiving electric service from Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC) and be a member of the Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association. The scholarships may be used at a Montana college, university, or at an out-of-state institution. Funds for these scholarships come from donations that honor the memories of deceased directors, managers, and employees who have served the electric cooperative.

MECA scholarship applications need to be turned in to the YVEC office by February 3, 2023. Applications will be judged by YVEC’s scholarship committee, and a finalist will be selected for submission to MECA.


Your application will be judged based on the following components:

  • 20% Academic strength (as demonstrated by rigors of coursework, GPA and national testing scores)
  • 20% Activities in school and community, awards, and honors
  • 20% Employment, volunteerism, and community service
  • 40% Personal statement

MECA Scholarship Application

Montana Electric Cooperatives Association Scholarship Application (PDF)

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