CEO Message — December 2020

Dedication to Our Members

Brandon Wittman headshot

Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC), as a not for profit electric co-op, is guided by an elected Board of Directors. The Board consists of seven members and they conduct the business affairs and exercise the powers granted to them in the by-laws ofYVEC. Our Directors represent the members' best interest when making decisions. Granted, some issues are larger than others in regards to the effect they have on the members of the co-op, but YVEC trustees truly keep the member in mind when conducting business on behalf of YVEC. A Director's decisions will impact items such as service rates, special projects, work plans, policies, and other rules and regulations. The Director position holds great responsibility and requires men and women who understand their community's needs while also serving all members.

It is important to have strong Directors on a Board. We are quite fortunate at YVEC to have an excellent group of individuals who are very engaged in the business of this co-op. Sound ideas, distinct perspectives, and a willingness to work together for the greater good are just of few of the qualities the trustees of your co-op all possess. They are all exceptional representatives of the membership of YVEC and give great consideration to decisions both large and small. Directors matter and ours are exemplary people.

Dan Swartz headshotDan Swartz is the Chairman of our Board. He and his wife farm in the Worden area. Dan has served on the Board of YVEC for 30 years. He also represents our co-op on the Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative (CMEPC) Board, which is our power supplier. Dan is from District 1 which includes the areas north and south of the towns of Worden and Ballantine while also serving all members.

Larry Kaufman headshotLarry Kaufman is the ViceChairman of our Board. He and his wife own and operate several businesses in the Billings area. Larry has served on the Board of YVEC for 24 years. Larry represents our co-op on the Montana Electric Cooperative Association (MECA) Board, which is our statewide association. Larry is from District 4 which includes the Shepherd area and the area east of Billings.

Dave Kelsey headshotDave Kelsey is the Secretary/Treasurer of our Board. Dave and his wife farm and ranch in the Molt area. He has served on the Board of YVEC for 17 years. Dave also serves on the Board of the Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA), where he is currently the Vice President. Dave also serves on several committees at MECA, including the Legislative Committee. He is from District 6 which includes the areas north of Park City, north of Laurel, and the Molt area.

Scott Hofferber headshotScott Hofferber is the Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer of our Board. He has served on the Board of YVEC for 5 years. He owns and operates several businesses in Billings (#29754000). Scott is from District 3 which includes Huntley and the area west of Worden.

Bill Keller headshotBill Keller has served on the Board of YVEC for 52 years. He farms, ranches, and custom feeds cattle in the Custer area. He has served several capacities on the Board of CMEPC and Basin Electric Power Cooperative, he is currently on the YVEC Internal Audit Committee. Bill is from District 1 which includes the Custer and Pompeys areas.

Dick Weldon headshotDick Weldon has served on the Board ofYVEC for 37 years. He and his wife farm and ranch in the Blue Creek area. He has served in several capacities on the YVEC Board and on the Tribal and Cooperative Issues Committee at MECA. He is from District 7 which includes the town of Pryor and most of our service territory south of the Yellowstone River.

Greg Neibauer headshotTrustee Greg Neibauer has served on the YVEC Board for 4 years. He is a member of our Internal Audit Committee. Greg and his wife farm in west Billings. He also fills in to represent YVEC on the CMEPC Board or MECA Board when needed. Greg is from District 5 which includes west Billings and Lockwood.

It is truly a blessing to be able to work hand-in-hand with your Board of Directors. As members themselves, they too comply with all policies, rules, and regulations they approve on behalf of the co-op. Through excellent foresight and with high regard for their fiduciary responsibility, they will certainly continue to guide YVEC with a steady hand.

Brandon J. Wittman
CEO / General Manager