Creative Ideas

This year has been unique to say the least! Some have adjusted to working from home or modifying work hours to social distance and adapt to a new normal. As we end the year and look so forward to a NEW year, here are some fun and creative ways to stay connected during the holidays and going forward. With many restrictions and uncertainty, how can you celebrate in a way that truly feels like a much-needed break from the pandemic?

Here are 5 ways to help take the stress out of this one of a kind holiday season!

  1. Indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts. Make this fun! Change up the theme from a winter wonderland hunt to a cozy indoor pajama day kind of hunt.
  2. Choose a local charity or shop for a family in need. You can still buy local and do store pick up or have them ship it directly to you. You can also make DIV ornaments to add as gift toppers to make it a little more personal and unique.
  3. Have a virtual baking challenge. Zoom or facetime and make it a fun contest and have other family members vote on the winning holiday treat.
  4. Group fitness can be challenging and fun. Invite a small group to work out together each week for neighborhood walks, or create a video link and have everyone participate virtually. Exercise for a half-hour with light cardio and weight lifting exercises.
  5. Host a holiday dress-up party and add some fun music and food to share virtually. Or make it casual and have a holiday pajama or sweater contest.

However you choose to spend the holidays and celebrate the upcoming year, we wish you a safe and prosperous holiday season and Happy New Year!