Board of Trustees

Unlike privately owned utilities, Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC) is not owned by outside investors. YVEC is a private, non-profit electric cooperative which supplies electricity to Montana members/owners in Yellowstone, Stillwater, Carbon, Big Horn, Musselshell, and Treasure Counties. Electric cooperatives, such as YVEC, are locally and equally owned by all the members it serves, and every member has a voice in the cooperative through their elected district representative.

Trustee Elections

Members in each of our 7 districts elect a trustee to represent them on the Board of Trustees. Each year approximately 1/3 of the board is up for re-election. In electing a Trustee, each member of the cooperative is allowed one vote at the annual meeting, which is held every year in March.


This member-elected Board of Trustees is responsible for governing all activities of the cooperative and establishing policies. These dedicated individuals are all committed to the cooperative and its members and use that focus when making the decisions that affect YVEC and the members they serve.