Capital Credits

What are Capital Credits?

Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC) is a nonprofit cooperative, any margins at year-end are allocated back to the members in the form of Capital Credits. This allocation is based on the percent of margins applied to each member’s patronage during the year. Patronage is the total amount of the member’s billing for electric service.

The Board of Trustees approves Capital Credit retirements. When a retirement is made, members with active accounts will see a credit on their billing statement that reflects their portion of the Capitals Credits that were retired. Members with inactive accounts will receive a check in the amount of their portion, less any outstanding balances. In recent years, the practice has been to retire a portion of the oldest year (or years) with amounts still owing. Capital Credits are non-interest earning capital funds.

Update Your Account

It is important to keep our office informed of your current address if you move off our system so we will be able to mail your Capital Credit check when a retirement is made. Please include your member number and past address if possible. In the event of the death of a member, Capital Credits may be payable to the heir(s). For information and required documentation necessary to apply for these funds, please contact our office.

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