Communications are the key to running an efficient Cooperative especially Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC).  We want to keep all of our members informed of what is happening at the Cooperative.


As a member or consumer of YVEC, each month you will receive free of charge a copy of the Rural Montana magazine which is the official publication of the Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association. This will keep you up to date with current issues facing the electrical cooperatives.

Bill Inserts & Bill Messages

Occasionally a message will appear on your electric bill.  Make sure you read these informative messages each month. Periodically an insert with pertinent information will accompany your monthly bill.

By-Laws & Member Handbook

Copies of the cooperative’s by-laws and member handbook are mailed to each new member when signing up for service.

Radio, Television & Newspaper

In addition to the website and our Facebook page, the cooperative uses radio, television, and newspapers to disseminate information.

Special Mailings

Special mailing of pamphlets or notices may be mailed during the year.