How to Read Your Bill

  1. YVEC contact information if you have questions or need to report an outage.
  2. Messages.
  3. Physical address for metered service.
  4. Reading dates with kilowatt (KWH) usage, number of days and readings for the meter number listed.
  5. The graph compares your monthly usage over 13 months.
  6. Your billing account number.
  7. Payments received after this date will not be reflected in the amount due section.
  8. Payment(s) received since last bill and new charges/credits.
  9. Detailed charges for kilowatt (KWH) usage.
  10. Demand Charge (KW) is showing the highest level of usage only over a 15 minute period monitored in the billing cycle. This displays usage with no charge.
  11. Monthly minimum charge. The base charge is a recurring monthly charge that recovers the fixed cost of providing electricity to your home or business. It includes the operational expenses related to billing, accounting, right of way maintenance, poles, wires and other expenses for the cooperative.
  12. Total amount due and the due date for this statement.
  13. Please indicate whether your account information has been changed or call our office.
  14. Operation Round Up is a charitable giving program that benefits local non-profit groups and organizations in the communities we serve. YVEC’s members bills are rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. Please contact the office if you wish to be removed from the program, no questions asked.

sample bill document

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