New Construction

When requesting service for a new home or a business, be sure you call as far in advance as possible as our membership is growing rapidly, and the request list is very active. The process for a new service begins by calling our office to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our staking engineers on site. The staking engineer will help design a system for your power needs, stake the proposed line, and calculate a cost estimate.

A new service construction engineering meeting will be scheduled after the applicant has signed and returned a membership and credit application to the office and paid a new service fee.

Requirements for New Construction Service

The Cooperative has established policies regarding service options such as location of service, route the line will take, and whether the line will be extended into the property via overhead or underground construction.

  • State or City Electrical Permit
  • The cost of construction above the Cooperative’s contribution
  • Address of permanent location where service will be supplied
  • The installation of all facilities from the meter to the dwelling
  • Required easements to Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc
  • Membership Application form
  • Legal description of the property and/or be able to locate the property on a map so
    the location can be communicated to the engineer
  • The type of service, i.e. residential, commercial, irrigation, etc. and size of load
  • Any covenants requiring underground service must be communicated

Electrical Permits & Forms

All new services, upgrades, and changes require an electrical permit prior to construction.

Permits for city jurisdiction may be acquired at the Billings City Building Department on the 4th floor of the Miller Building, located at 2825 3rd Avenue North.

Get Directions to the Billings City Building Department.

For state jurisdiction, permit applications are available at the Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative (YVEC) office or on the State of Montana website. State electrical permit applications must be mailed to Helena and usually, they will be issued in three to five working days. If work is being done by a licensed electrician, the electrician will normally apply for the electrical permit.

New Member Application

Download the New Construction Service Application Form (PDF).